Tuesday, 29 May 2007

perking to paris upto day 3.

Hi all.

Computers ahahhahahahha.

We are good.
Sunbeam is well. Daily checks good. toped up with oil (2mm on
dipstick, today tuesday 29th may, first time)

Day1 start was amazing at the Badeling Gate in the Great wall of China.
Lots of entertainment by the locals young and old.
1st car an Italia 1907. left with lots of drumming and clapping and
photos being taken.
I felt very emotoinal watchin it all.

Pamela drove most of the day untill the Hanging monastry (liturally
does hang off the mountain).
Then I drove the last 1hour 21mins to the hotel in Datong.
My first time driving in a Rally. I'm not so good at driving fast down
mountains that twist lots. We missed our clock time by 2 mins.
Pamela reassures me that my skills in classic car trails will come
into action when we drive throught Mongola and I shouldn't be so

I cant beleve Iam actually here. Some of you had more faith that I would be.
Pamela introduces me as the mechanic, which I'm supposed to be, but
most think its my day job. I correct them when they start saying your
the one to come and find.

I'll send this before the power goes again.

Love to you all
Nicola xxx

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