Tuesday, 29 May 2007

peking to paris

Hi again

Day 2 was an interesting day with lots of detours.
1st was when police sent us right at fork instead of left. we did
this. yes road was lovely new tarmac until big ramp drop. Pamela saw
it, then inched over it in 1st gear. Lots didnt and some went air born
at 50 mph.

We had then noroute notes so had to navigate by the gps to waypoint
P19 which was eventunally on the road we were on.
We vowed not to follow police intruction again. Until we came to the
next Passage control. They said the other road was a lot worse and we
were right to follow police advice.

Day 3.
has been a fairly boring day.
Lots of moterway.
I limited Pamela to 70mph. Only thrash the car when you need too. We
dont plan to trash the sunbeam as we want to get to Paris.

We have been lucky so far with our car.
Lots of people have had probs with fuel and fuel filters.

People really nice, lots of poeple chatting to me.

Route has been lined with locals waving us by and fastinated by us.
especailly 2 ladies. the police women really wave wehen they see us.

Love Nic xxx

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