Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Peking to Paris Day 2 & 3.

Hi All, again.

Computer still working. time is 10.30pm on Tuesday 29th May.

Last night (monday 28th may) we slept in Yurts. round tents that were
about 10 feet round. had carpet, dercoarted wooden poles at the
centre. canvas sheeting.
I was nice and warm in our down sleeping bags, silk lininers and
thermo rests. It was a fasinating experence. Pamela didnt enjoy so
much, but doesnt do camping and wantwed a shower. I meet a lady who
was cold during the night because they felt to dirty to get into their
sleeping bags !!! just wash it whebn you get home.

Today we are at a hotel in Erenot.
Tomorrow we go over the chinese border to mongola. Camp in our own tents.
next 2 night after that we are in Ulan Baartor for 2 nights in hotel.
then camp for 5 nights.

Car is still well , although I'm not so, but ok. local food does not agree.

We have our 1st time test tomorrow.

I'm having the time of my life.

Love to you all.

Love Nic xxx

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