Friday, 1 June 2007

Day 6 1st June Ulaan Baatar Rest day.

Dear All
I have had a lovely day.
Last night I checked the car over. Oil, water, suspension nuts and bolts. Air filter.
Tyre pressures, wheel bearing and streering movement. All ok.
So this morning I downloaded some photos for Steve from Enersol for their website on our progress.
Washed my really dusty clothes. Last washing day until Day 12 Bijsk in Russia. Pamela wrote emails to steve.
I then serviced the Halda, chatted to different people about their cars and ours.
I have found that the rear axle is hitting the exhaust pipe where it loops over and moved the brake pipe to the back side of the axle, rather than it being near the top. I will keep an eye on this.
Sorted munchy food so its more easy to get to. Mum your fruit cake is just fantastic.
Liz and I went cashmere shopping and then supermarket shopping all within a very short walk from the hotel.
Just came back from a reception held by the Mongolian government for us.
I spoke with Robin & Caroline, in a Bentley, Thanks for your best wishes Andrew.
There was not much I could eat, but I enjoyed chatting to different people and how their day was going.
The next time I write will be in Russia, hopefully on day 12.
So speak to you soon.
We have to be in the Square for 7.15am. with speeches at 7.30.
Just one time trail tomorrow of 10 mins.
Continue to look at the official website and our Sponsor's
It looks like you have to have problems to get a mention on the offical website, so I'm very glad we are not.
Love to you all.
Love Nicola xxxx

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AndrewKB said...

Nicola - Finally found your blog from the link on Classical Gas (the link in the SDMC newsletter is wrong!). Now I've just got to find time to read it, and Pamela's postings, and the official website (which I actually check every day), and the RESULTS. Aren't you two doing well? Good luck. Andrew.

Michael said...


Michael said...

Hi Nicola,

Hope all Ok as your last post was Friday. A technicaL question. Will the tyres last the event or will you have to change them. Any Kwik Fit in Mongolia?